The church in France.

            I’m asking you to be a part of something.  A part of something really big.  I’m asking you to join arms with an organization that God is using in ways that have outgrown our ability to fully track.  The name of the organization is North Point Ministries and here is their mission: To create church environments that people who aren’t “church people” love to attend, and to ultimately lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  This idea was first materialized about 15 years ago in Atlanta, GA and has now spread across the globe.  NPM has five campuses in the Atlanta area, strategic partners all over the US and in ten different countries.  North Point Media (North Point Online, podcasts, video on demand, radio, and TV) reaches 1.2 million people around the world each month.

            Last summer, I went on a trip to our partner church in Moldova (scroll down a few posts to read about it).  I was floored when I saw how they had taken the NPM model and adapted it for the very tough culture that they do ministry in.  I was part of a team who designed and built an engaging environment for their children’s ministry. (Below is a picture of part of our project)

Part of our project in Moldova.

           This summer, I will be part of a similar team who will be working with our new partner in Solers, France.  This time, I have been asked to take the lead on designing their Pre-K environment (Waumba Land) and leading the team that will work to make it come together once we’re there.  This is a big and intimidating responsibility, but I am so honored and excited for the opportunity to use my gifts and experience in this way.

            I’ve met Lorenzo, the pastor of L’Eglise de la Brie (, and he is amazing.  He and his wife have huge hearts for their country, which is currently only 2% protestant.  Of the Catholic Church in France, a study found that 17% claim to not actually believe in God, and only 18% believe that God is a personal god and not simply a “force, energy or spirit.”  A church like the one Lorenzo and his wife have created is unheard of in their country (and really in Europe as a whole)– and people love it!  They just started paperwork on their first building and they have non-believing members excited to give monthly to the project to fund it.

            This trip will be from July 14-23 and I have to raise $3,000.  That’s a lot of money– especially in the eyes of a college student.  But I believe in and want to be a part of North Point, their mission, and what God is doing through them in the nations.  God has always provided for me in unreal ways and I don’t doubt He will again.  Please consider making an investment in what He will do through Lorenzo and his team in a country that desperately needs to hear of a personal and relevant God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  I would also very much appreciate your prayers as I will be taking on a responsibility that I cannot accomplish on my own strength.

How to give online:

1. Visit

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3. Under “trip information” select “France” as the country, “Waumba/KidStuf” as the trip, and specify my name as the “individual”

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My support status: I’m fully funded! Thank you all so much!

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Thank you so much for considering this.