Going back.

Many of you know and maybe even gave towards my trip with GlobalX to France last summer. After being asked to return with another team this year, I prayed a good deal for guidance. I’ve never gone back to the same country twice on this type of trip before. But the more I thought about it and the more I prayed about it, the more obvious the answer became. God is doing something so special through Eglise de la Brie and their team that I cannot accurately describe it. How in the world could I pass up the opportunity to invest in something yielding such a remarkable return for the Kingdom?

You can read in the post below (that I wrote last year …yes, this seems to be what my blog has become) statistics about faith in France and the story of this church.

But maybe a better way is for you to see it. Below is a video from this church in which you can see a lot of what our team helped accomplish last year. The auditorium (where they host main services and their family environment) as well as the children’s rooms (Waumba Land). I led the Waumba team last year and believe we left them with a unique environment that has been and will continue to be extremely valuable in their approach to reaching unchurched people by honoring and engaging their children.

What I really hope you gather from this video is the heart of this team. What they are doing is truly not being done at all in France. This model may seem normal or at least familiar to you, but this is something completely unheard-of in their country.

I am returning this July, and once again am asking for you to partner with me in the investment. I have agreed to raise $3,250.

You can give and find out more about this trip by clicking here.

Something else I humbly ask of you is for your prayers. Not simply for me or this trip, but for Eglise de la Brie and their team. They are changing people’s distorted view of who God is and are ushering people into an authentic relationship with His Son in an extremely difficult context.

Thank you first for caring enough about me to read this. That means so much. Thank you for being my friend. And thank you from the very bottom of my heart for supporting me in any way on this journey.