I saw a video the other day. It was of a bottle cap full of water sitting on a music speaker. That’s it. Pretty simple. But friends, the beauty that this installation artist uncovered is spectacular. Take a quick look:

I was struck by the thought of the extent of God’s creativity far exceeding what we think we know or have noticed. We look at a sunrise or sunset and marvel at the masterpiece that it is. We stand on top of a mountain and look out across plains, rivers, and onto more mountain peaks in the distance and say “wow, God is so amazing.” We lay in the grass on a clear night somewhere away from the light pollution that robs us of this majesty in the city, stare into the black sky littered with stars, planets, and our moon. We, in that moment, are filled with a paradox– a sense of utter smallness at the very minute that we feel the most significance we ever have. That a God that big knows us. Knows our name. Wants us to be characters in the greatest story ever told. The Story of which all other stories are merely broken and foggy imitations.

We experience God in the big things and we think we’re seeing the whole canvas. That we have an idea about the extent of His creativity.

But friends, I am beginning to discover that thinking like that is like standing 100 yards away from a van Gogh and feeling as though we took it all in.

God’s creativity, His love letters, are more numerous and frequent than we will ever know. He is a God of detail. Those details add onto each other into the huge displays of splendor that we know and love. But inside each of those massive works are a million smaller ones– each as awe inspiring as the whole. Each part a whole in itself.

God is waiting for us in those places. He waits everywhere. He waits for us to notice Him, to enjoy Him, to feel His extravagant pursuit of our hearts.

When was the last time you looked at the texture of grass, at the mystical spheres of dew that collect on it every morning. The last time you paid attention to the complexities of an ant. An ant. God knit together something that small that lives a life in community, on a team, feeding and protecting itself. When was the last time you looked into someone’s eyes– really looked into them. I mean, are you kidding me? 

God is so much more than we will ever come close to knowing. And we are His, my friends. We are His. And this world is a gift for us. Let us enjoy as much of it with Him as we can.