Today we celebrate a magic, spirit, and mystery that has echoed through time for two thousand years and will continue even after time has served its purpose. There has never been an event whose flame would not, when compared to this day, snuff itself out in reverence. A humble moment that heaven had anticipated for the existence of man– if not for an eternity.  A girl sitting on the cold ground began to yell– and all of creation leaned in and maybe forgot to breathe, for it was about to meet its Maker once again. An army of angels took their knee and dared not blink and risk missing this.. Their mighty Lord and King taking the form of a helpless and defenseless infant totally dependent on his young, first time parents. Shepherds approached speechless and utterly astounded to find that they, with no offering and no bath, had been the only ones invited to this scene. They would never know their presence that night would assure all those who would hear of this epic story that everything about it was and was done for the unlikely.

It’s truly an amazing thing we celebrate, amigos. Merry Christmas to you.