What a beautiful and refreshing story of love.

Nothing suffocates my pride more than daily reminders regarding the glory of my God, the gravity of my sins, and the crucifixion of God’s own Son in my place.

Milton Vincent

Hey, Wednesday. Can we try that again?

Today has been one of those days when I just feel off—way off. One of those days were it seems like I can’t do anything without screwing it up. Here’s how it went..

First, I got out of bed at 9:30 (with the intention to get up at 8:15). See, I put off two assignments that were due today until basically last night. Too tired to finished them then, I decided I would this morning. I did. I’m good under pressure.

Getting finished with my project just in time to leave for class resulted in some foolish formating negligence that I didn’t notice until I was about to turn the thing in. I hate that. Needless mistakes.

I got home from class and turned the oven on to cook lunch. I pulled up the Braves schedule online to figure out the ticket swap I was about to have to make. Then I left on my bike for the box office at Turner Field. The ride back was brutal.. I am so out of shape it’s not funny at all. How did I let that happen?

So, I stumbled into my apartment on the verge of puking only to realize I left our gas oven on.

Then, after I recovered from my pathetic ride, my friend called to ask where I was. I was in my apartment while she was waiting on me at Moe’s on Ponce for our dinner date. I apologized like a crazy person while throwing on clean clothes and headed out the door while promising to be there in 15 minutes.

The whole day has me paranoid that as I’m typing this I’m not doing something else that I should be.

So there it is. My blunder of a day. As frustrating as it was, I think I needed it. Sometimes I need to be smacked in the face with my own imperfections to put my ego back in its place. And after today, I don’t think my ego’s going anywhere anytime soon. =)


After a tragedy, I think God gives us a period of numbing as a kind of grace. Perhaps he knows our small minds, given so easily to false hope, couldn’t handle the full brunt of reality.

Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years (via catalinaloz)

Sobering short film from Whitestone Studio.

Don’t blame the Devil for the evils of men // he’ll gnash his teeth before you but he won’t bind your hands // and you can eat from his garden ‘till your stomach’s upset // but the judgment’s on us lest we forget.

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