“Compromise does not erase the tension. It only weakens the resolve.”

I’ve really gotten a lot out of Andy’s most resent series. I am realizing the importance of having “guardrails” in every area of my life. Morally, financially, relationally, academically, etc. I don’t want to cause myself, or those who are doing life with me, serious damage by assuming that I’m good enough that “I would never ________”. Because honestly, I’ve let myself get much closer to what’s on the other side of some guardrails than I ever imagined I would. I’m making up my mind now that no matter how lame my standards may seem, I’m sticking with them. Because God not only uses them to protect, but to direct my life. And I really enjoy the places we go when He drives.

This is one of the most incredible things I’ve experienced.

1. Must have headphones.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Prepare to freak out.

To want and to try is the difference why some people will walk and some run.

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